On Arrival in Ireland

All non-EU citizens, whether visa-required or not, will be subject to ordinary immigration controls at the port of entry.

The length of stay permitted (including for those bearing a visa) is decided by an Immigration Officer at the port of entry, will reflect the purpose of the journey for which any visa was granted and will be noted on your passport.

Those bearing a visa should note that the validity period shown on the visa indicates only the dates between which the visa must be presented to an Immigration Officer at a port of entry - the validity period dates noted on the visa are NOT the dates between which you are permitted to remain in Ireland.

All non EU nationals who wish to stay longer than 3 months in Ireland must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau and apply for permission to remain in Ireland. For further information on registration and residence in Ireland please click here.

Visa-required nationals who wish to stay longer than 90 days should apply for a 'D' type visa in advance of travel. In general, permission to enter on the basis of a 'C' type visa will not give rise to permission to remain beyond a 90 day period.

A visa applicant who submitted false or misleading information in support of his/her application may become liable for prosecution and/or subject to deportation.

You are not permitted under Irish law to involve yourself in any other activity or to remain in the State for any purpose other than that for which the visa or permission to remain was specifically granted.

A person wishing to undertake any activity in Ireland other than that for which his/her visa was granted must leave the State and apply for a new visa. The applicant may not return to Ireland while awaiting a decision on his/her new application

A person who remains in the State longer than the permitted period may become liable for prosecution and/or subject to deportation.

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